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gn0m0n is a musician who dabbles in design, hacking/programming and video production, and who is intensely fascinated by informal and largely invisible subculture communities such as Anonymous, the Darknet, or, locally, Elfwire.  You may come across the name in any of these contexts.  You can find music, links, and more here.

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s1lverf1sh makes visual and provides most of the design for gn0m0n.  Check out more of his work or buy prints at


 Ursprung Collective
     Ursprung Collective is a spoken word/music project that incorporates video and the visual arts in order to explore the sensations created by an individual poet. It consists of taking the pre-recorded spoken word tracks of that poet and discovering the soundscapes they inspire in a wide variety of auditory artists, and more recently, visual artists, as well.  The main page for the project is Ursprung Collective's Soundcloud page.  There is also a Youtube page, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed.

Contributors are:

Israfel Sivad

Nanook Sputnik:


"Art allows truth to arise [entspringen]. Art arises as the founding preserving of the truth of beings in the work. To allow something to arise, to bring something into being from out of the essential source in the founding leap [Sprung] is what is meant by the word 'origin [Ursprung]'." -- Martin Heidegger , "The Origin of the Work of Art"